Week 2 Analysis: Build Your Target List

Here is the initial list to go for connection, career search and possible networking. These are the five ideal ones and I might be able to find a connection there via friends and colleagues. In the mean time I will search on a routine basis and will add to the list. Also will extend my network to at least get one connection in each organization on the list.

Build Your Target List


Week 2 Practice: Networking

As it happens, there are good associations and communities with lots of events planning for the whole year in the area I am working – Washington DC. Both have the advantage of joining them and have benefits of membership for better networking and connection. I read through their events and will definitely pursue their membership path to get a good connection in my professional industry of digital media production.

Digital Media Association


Online News Association


Practice: Cover Letter

This is the first tailored cover letter I have ever made. I tried to keep the theme close to my resume and be specific about the work place, what I am capable of and what I can bring in. It is probably far from being good, but with revisions and better guidance it might turn to be a good work in progress.

Here is the link to the actual job opening:

Content Editor, Digital Coverage, Science Desk

kambiz tavana – Cover Letter

Project: A Tailored Resumé

This was a huge challenge for me. In my career, I always relied on template for making a resume. This is the first time I made it all by myself from scratch. I had a good conversation with Wendy and she gave me tips on how to approach it. I know it still needs a lot of work, but with Kevin supervision, I might be able to make it to a perfect resume. It has been made in Adobe Indesign and then converted to PDF.

Kambiz Tavana Resume

Week 1 Practice: Skills and Keywords Mind Map

For this assignment and for mind mapping, I chose Xmind. It is free to use, but has provisions and some features are locked unless you buy the whole package. For this task I think it was enough to put a map in place.

I have still doubts about what are the main plans I am going to pursue. I am good with content, but not great with English language and especially in writing. My understanding of media, brand, public outreach, community organizing, media strategy, online planning and outreach and branding are good in action. Still, I miss some coding abilities – for infographic and charts and maps – and some good writing skills in English. Here is the paradox, most of my powerful work experience, has been done in a language other than English. The foundations are there, but lacks confidence in execution. However, these were the branches I could think of:

Mind Mapping - kambiz tavana

Week 1 Exploration: What Can I Do With My Degree

The purpose of this entry is to focus on ways to approach job market and possible ways, while we are making ready to graduate. As for me, I had a clear goal in my mind when I started this journey at Full Sail: to become a multimedia journalist. I had some foundations of journalism with me because of my professional background. The difference is, it is now armed with new media technology and approach.

For the purpose of this assignment, I am going to put my replies below:


  1. Describe your degree and area of specialization in a paragraph.                                     I am going to be graduating in Media Communications. Not only I could follow my journalism career, but now I can do videography, sound production, content production in picture, video and audio, pursue public relation activities and social networking for brands and content and production management. Identify 20 Common Job Titles that might align with your respective industry. Online writer, multimedia journalist, web caster, audio caster, PR specialists, social media strategy, video production, audio production, communication specialist, communications representative, associate director of communication, digital communication management, public affairs, media advisory and consulting, online learning content, grass root campaigning, voting movements, reform activity media planning, website editor, series producer.
  2. Identify 10 Potential Employment Settings.                                                                 Media and entertainment, online education, social movements, NGOs, Franchise representative, outreach programs, one on one learning platforms, PR agencies.
  3. Identify 5 Relevant Skills used in your industry.                                                       Content production, audio and video capture, caption and edit audio and video, coding related to infographic production, publish and make it circulated via social media.
  4. Identify 5 Industry Focused Career Sites/Publications.                                               Indeed, Careerbuilder, NPR hiring site, National Geographic hiring section, Linkedin.
  5. Identify 2 Professional Associations or Organizations you can gain membership. One I am already a member is the United States Press Agency, the other: National Communication Association
  6. Identify Salary Information for your industry and resource of where you obtained the information.                                                                                                                It depends on what kind of job, but in production it varies from 37,000 to 57,000. With more tasking jobs it starts from 57,000 to 95,000 annually.

Project 3 – Banksy

Here is my infographic Banksy Infographic Project.

From what I gathered around, there is no certain evidence to say that such person as Banksy really exists. It looks like mostly from reports and interviews and open source evidence that this is a team work with high quality power of story telling, good strategies for transmedial and a good marketing campaign.

Sources I gathered for this project:



Blek le Rat on Banksy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udgBg3mrSo0

Banksy vs. King Robbo: http://www.artfido.com/blog/banksy-vs-king-robbo-street-art-vs-graffiti/

Shepard Fairy on Banksy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KiVxOzMFXgw

Also, Shepard Fairy on Banksy: http://www.wnyc.org/story/35967-shepard-fairey-banksey/

Banksy Movie is a Banksy Prank: http://www.fastcompany.com/1616365/heres-why-banksy-movie-banksy-prank

Banksy tour in Gaza: http://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2015/feb/26/banksy-gaza-palestine

Banksy: Urban Guerilla Art https://www.researchgate.net/publication/221704493_Banksy_Urban_Guerrilla_Art

Project 2, Discussion in WEEK 2

What message would you put on it?  Would it be informational?  Inspirational?  What would be the most efficient and effective use of the flyer?

Who would the target audience be?  What characteristics do they share? 

Given the propaganda they’ve been subjected to their entire lives, what imagery might be insulting or inflammatory?  Welcoming and accepting?  Threatening or aggressive?

What cultural values do the North Koreans share?  What’s the cultural link between the North Koreans and South Koreans?  Between the United States and North Korea?

What access to media is available to North Koreans?

The situation of media and freedom of information aobe all other things, is the one of the most complicated areas in North Korea. The documentary on Frontline was really insightful, but also this documentary report by VICE, gives some new visions of the life and facade in Pyong Yang.

In a way the company I am working right now, once had the same method of sending messages to bypass the iron wall of the USSR. RFE/RL used to send balloons with bulletins and newsletters so people could access to the information that the government was not censoring or blocking them from.

I myself had a pleasure of meeting with some of these activists who are sending balloons to North Korea with DVD and CD. The situation in North Korea is very hard to penetrate; Country is almost fully isolated, no message could get through, radio receivers are not working properly to get outside radio waves, the mobile technology is so limited, the internet connection is not widespread.

In this black hole of disinformation and misinformation, all people are fed to are the state media and their biased message.

It is hard to penetrate this kind of mindset from outside. We are not there, we are not experiencing the situation and we clearly had no idea about the level of danger is facing inside North Korea. The situation is very black, but still, there is hope. After all, the history shows the no border control works for ever – take Soviet Union for example. What I would advise for messaging, is the human connection. After all, we are all humans, homo sapiens, we are social, tend to live with each other since it is our best chance of survival. We could remind people in North Korea that we think about them, they are not alone and they are not isolated – even though the current authorities would like people to believe it – and in this line of reasoning, any reminder that there are so many similarities among us, might be a good help, an appropriate advice and a good message to sink into their psyche.

That is why I came up with these front and back flyer. The front one is gray – to show that there is no black and while in this world – also shows the nature and how a human could overcome it. These messages are there without even a word. Then comes the message in two parts: That nothing could stop us and then, we are connected and human connection does not care for any kind of permission of border control.

The back flyer gives the message of hope and equality and sameness in design. We see all the same blue sky, we all walk on the same earth and we are all humans. So we cannot omit or back away from our nature because of some dictatorship. We are all humans and the same laws of humanity falls upon all of us.

This way and with these two messages, we are not hurting, we are not calling for action and not calling for any violence, but somehow we are trying to have a discussion and opening a door to our target audience. If they want, there could be better and more ways of communication and we are there for that purpose.

In some ways North Korean people are aware of their situation; they are dealing with famine and hunger all their lives and there are not much hope in their future. Reminding them of this doom and gloom state of life might get them numb. They are in a same boat together. It might not look remarkable or glorious, but something shares and connects these people together and they know what hardships in life they are facing. Yet, we cannot clearly say what the situation is since we do not have it is really hard to judge but most likely, whatever could send them the message of humanity, family, togetherness, hope and happiness could be a great product to be send over via balloons.

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.15.55

Front Flyer

Screen Shot 2016-01-14 at 20.16.41

Back Flyer