Week 4 Reflection: RISE Peer Review

The RISE Peer Review for Valerie Allison

Hi Valerie,

I liked the way you approached your interview. You were good and friendly and confident and done your research. I will go through your interview and will share what I gathered and observed.

  • Reflect – There were some good points in your interview. You seem so passionate about the company – in the case Amazon – which you are trying to apply a job for. You had a good series of questions and they were all reasonable. However a big company like Amazon might have more tricky questions for you! But you managed to pout your passion and experience in blogging and your degree from full sail university in a coherent string of thought. That, I think, would have a positive impact on people. Knowing  where you are coming from, is a good and positive in building relationship at work and making new connections.
  • Inquire – Apart from lighting, have you thought about having something in your background to give a positive and professional vibe? It might be a good idea to have a formal and professional background in your set – book shelves, for example – or a picture or artwork on the wall that could represent you in what you need and passion.
  • Suggest – I think adding a book shelf in the background and having a better lighting would do wonders. I also noticed two things in your answers. Once you mentioned that in three or five years you might see yourself in the position of the person who is interviewing you right now? I think this is a very tricky answer and you would better off avoiding such speculations. Pick a realistic goal and within reasonable reach. This way you present some degrees of realism in your work and agenda without undermining your ambitions. The weakness and strength and where do you see yourself and very slippery slope questions. Catch some YouTube videos under the title “The Interview Guys”. These series and filled with insight about interview techniques and how to work on tricky questions and how to answer them or even dodge them!
  • Elevate – Try to be a bit formal for your interview. The first impression is very important in sapiens world. No matter how many times people say “you do not judge a book by its cover”, this actually it is totally false. Everyone judges book by the cover. Go formal for the first meeting and then later you can evaluate and see how the area and the dress code and atmosphere in the work area is. One more thing, for big companies like Amazon, be very cautions about your research. It is just an example, but perhaps you should look at this report by New York Times about horrible and sometimes inhuman conditions of work at Amazon Headquarters. (You can check the report here). It caused huge controversy around work ethics and conditions in the Amazon. One might surprise you in the interview and ask what your idea is about such reports and why, if any, truth in it, you still want to work there. I am not saying the reports are true and I have my skepticism and reservations on that, but when it comes researching your company, do it really thorough.

I wish you the best and thanks for your review as well. You brought up very good, solid and valid points and I sincerely thank you for that.



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