Week 3 Lynda.com Certification: Hernandez Documentary

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I learned about Richard Koci Hernandez from another course on Lynda.com on iPhonography and his passion about capturing moments and pictures with a smart phone. I am fascinated by his passion and dedication, but I have a big problem with stories like these: they all glorify passion and dedication without much paying attention to the actual and real hardships on the way. At the end of movies like this, the viewer might be motivated to take his or her passion seriously, but with knowing a great deal of knowledge about how hard it is, then they could make better decisions. I really wanted to know how to maneuver financially in the area of social media journalism and entertainment journalism. All being said, he is just fabulous, His attention to his abilities and his endless curiosity is a real takeaway for me. I think sometimes I am really liking him in some ways, but with less conviction to go ahead with what I want to do most and what I could do better.



Week 2 Lynda.com Certification: Viral Marketing

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This course was really amazing, insightful and educating. It is easy these days to resist and say how bad the social media and marketing rules our lives, but it is really great to know how it works in order to find a way to deliver the good message as well. The six STEPS were very precise and accurate and illuminating. Now I really see why those sad messages just let people go in vain instead of taking them into action. The vessel of the story and trojan horse was another very insightful tool. Personally, I cannot stand the world of advertising, but it was great to see how it works and think in the future for my own projects. How could I bring effective altruism to public attention? How can I tell them about the dangers of junk news and media?  There were key information in this short course and I really learned a lot.

Portfolio Project Submissions – Part Two

One of the projects I followed in the Critical Thinking Project in Farsi/Persian was working on good and authentic materials that people in Farsi speaking countries like Iran could not have access to – due to government restrictions – and make it available to them. One major source of information is of course books and it is very hard to work on them. It takes so much time and effort to do. One finished one that I am extremely proud of, is a good book by philosopher Alain De Botton. The book “Religion for Atheists” is a great book with no chance of publication in Iran. I managed to get in touch with the author and get his permission for the translation. It took me tough timing and real effort to translate the book and put it together as a professional ebook format which could be read on Kindle, tablet and other devices.

It might not look really in Full Sail career, but all the knowledge I came to help. On finding the content, approach it professionally and permits for copyright issues and also one of my best works on translation. The final product took lots of work to become a good ebook since the book had many images with captions. All has been provided in the best subtle way. Feedbaks I had so far has been great and warm and supportive. This is a good start for a better project in near future.

The translation with different formats could be found in this link. It has reached more than thousand clicks and the download rate has been about 5k.

Portfolio Project Submissions – Part one

While working on my professional path as a journalist at Full Sail, I had a huge ground working on my gained experience and knowledge. I am working as a journalist and media producer in my mother tongue language – Farsi/Persian – for my current employer Farsi service program. This allows me to bring all my gained knowledge into play. One of the issues I was facing with was an effective project I wanted to do for some time. About a year ago and while working on my Full Sail career, I started thinking about making my project operational. A website to learn about Critical Thkning Skills, but in Farsi/Persian.

I started the project by myself and everything I learned in each course, I put it into play. From translation and subtitle on videos to making podcasts and even translating a whole book.

The whole Critical Thinking website is available here: http://www.ctir.info

In the website I put all professionalism into work. The texts are in Farsi, but the original ones are in English and all has been translated with prior permission from the original publisher. Videos have been selected and uploaded. Like this post which is about the mechanism in our brain, which cheats us to believe whatever we see on TV or Web. Or another post that explains Schrodinger’s cat and how it ended up with creation of the internet or superposition of the matter. Another one is about full work and study of Jennifer Aaker and how our brain is susceptible to fiction, almost five times more than facts. Sam Harris short talk “It is always now” is a beautiful piece and very educating and informative and insightful and it is available not only in Farsi text but with subtitles as well. A good practice for daily use has been provided as well. A short video by John Loyd and the importance of knowing that we almost know nothing. This way we can set aside our ego and work on important absolute matters like kindness.

There are many materials in the pipeline for this project, like a video series – 15 segments – on how to put critical thinking into action. This might not be a Buzzfeed type website with many visitors but it delivers good and authentic knowledge to its visitors.