WK4 Reflection: Project Revision

I edited my project mainly in narration area and added some tracks and deleted some previous. From beginning I have this challenge that I did not know how to approach the narration part. I tried some examples but then I cut it to shortest way possible with few sentences. My good friend Kaycee suggested that I give it more info and make it more connecting and interesting. I wrote to more narration, recorded and edited some parts. Before it was music and short narration. Now it is beginning, then more narration in the main body and then a message of hope in the end.


RISE Peer Review


I loved the way you approached your project. The camera is on the move from the beginning and the story moves in a way, which invites viewers to follow and continue. I liked that it was accompanied with music. The only thing I would suggest would be some stops while in first half of the movie. It is good that camera is on face and one the road but a one stop at a crossing, or at a traffic light or just even look at the road on right and left makes it more engaging and leads viewers to feel the move. It was great that you dissolved some shots so we could follow the travel at nighttime. I still cannot figure out the clear message. It might be good to add one or two still shots along the trip so it would be more engaging with the followers and viewers. Also the shot from the driver needs a bit adjustment – a little to the top and a bit to the right – to fit well with the rule of the third and you do not have to cut top of the head in the shot.

I like the narration, video cuts and view exchanges. Very well done my friend.

All the best,