Literature Therapy, Season one, five episodes


Literature Therapy, season one, five episodes.

Aiming for approval:

The Aim of project is to get three stars.

Project Description:

Literature Podcast series tries to deliver practical answers to life challenges via literature. We deal with many challenges in our life and there is a great resource to take advantage of; Classic Literature. We can learn to deal with many issues in life like stress, anxiety, anger and envy with seeking guide from great classic works of literature.

The project gives an intro to a book, delivers a short part of it and concludes with why this is important and how.

This season focused on five works: Oblomov by: Ivan Goncharov, Bull de Suif (Ball of Fat) by: Guy de Maupassant, The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde and a reference to the world of Sigmund Freud.

Link to deliverables:

All five episodes are uploaded to soundcloud.

Feed Back Received:

Instructor gave clear guidelines on how the project should be presented. The project has been revised to meet the direction given.


Main writing for this book has been done through my own research on “100 Necessary book of all time”. Experts has been selected from texts.

Narration has been done via me and Noushin Hosseini with real time player on Macbook.

Music for each podcast is from website: which allows user to have free access to sounds and music pieces.

All has been edited and produced with Final Cut Pro on Macbook.


Literature Therapy 02 – Bull de Suif

This is second part of five episodes podcast series “Literature Therapy”. This episode explains and goes through Ball of Fat, Bull de Suif. Produced and written by Kambiz Tavana, Narrated by: Kambiz Tavana and Noushin Hosseiny.