WK4 Reflection: Project Revision

This is a revision of my story board project in NMT. I sincerely thank my classmate Bridget who her accurate idea and suggestion made it better connecting.


WK4 Reflection: RISE Peer Feedback

Gerard Wiley, Digital Story

I liked Gerard digital story, It was fun to follow and watch his story line as he speaks about it and follows it and also trying to match it up with the pictures. There are many pictures and images sequencing one after another which makes it very interesting and fun to follow. The story starts rationally and ends well with the point of how Gerard started his Media and Communication degree at full sail university.

The communicative parts are the many pictures and images which is very interesting. Some of them have their own message written on them so it is fun to follow. Some times I could not say the picture is completing the message or the picture itself tries to give message. It made it a bit confusing some time.

Although there were some movements, but it could have been good if you try to match your story with less confusing images. Maybe even something or some images that helps following the story line instead of just focusing on them. Also it would have been great if you could add some pictures of yourself. I would love to see a photo of you while working in call center, it would have been much connecting to audience to follow your story.

It might be a good idea to revise the story and this time stick to pictures and images that reflects you and your story the best. This way you have a mirror effect in your picture selection. Also a good and rhythmic sound track might be good thing to narrate your story well.

WK3 Challenge: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices

This is our WK3 Challenge: Digital Storytelling with Mobile Devices for the team Lighthouse.

Apps and devices: 

Lighthouse Team

Apps & Devices

Brainstorming Sessions

Skype, 3-way calling and texting on mobile phones, Google Docs (accessible via iPhone & Tablet)

Script Writing

Notes (iPhone App)

Stock Video Download

VidLib (iPhone App)

Stock Image Download

Getty Images (iPhone App)

Image Search & Download

Google (Asus Tablet-Microsoft)

Voice Over Recording

Voice Memos (iPhone App)

Editing Music

Music, Sound Editor (Asus Tablet-Microsoft)

Recording Footage

iMovie, iSight (iPhone App),Camera (Virgin Mobile Kyocera-Android)

Frame Grabs for Shot List

VidTrim (Virgin Mobile Kyocera-Android)

Composing Shot List

Google Doc (Asus Tablet-Microsoft)

Composing Commercial & Editing Footage

ArcSoft ShowBiz (Asus Tablet-Microsoft)

Team Plan and Approach: 

Our team started plan and discussion by making a page for WEEK3 on Wiggio and started the conversation. After the name was selected, we changed our Wiggion page name to Lighthouse. After that we immediately established communication in texting and 3-way calling on our mobile devices. Wiggio is a good platform to do many things but it had some problems in file sharing; we had to switch to Google Drive. Collaborations continued with using the Skype App and sharing editing access to the Google docs we’ve established. The script writing, stock image and video downloads and the voice over recordings were completed using iPhone applications: Notes, VidLib, Getty Images and Voice Memos. In obtaining the footage for our project we used both iPhone Apps, iSight and iMovie, and the Camera app from the Virgin Mobile Kyocera Android. App, VidTrim was used to identify stills from previously recorded video to compose the “Shot list,” the storyboard of sorts on the Android and shared via email option for further use. Once images were selected we used Google Docs via Asus Tablet to compose and share the “Shot list” established in Google Docs. Once all of the media assets were captured and compiled into a folder on the tablet, we used newly downloaded App, ArcSoft Showbiz to organize  and compose project with the editing assistance of microsoft apps, Music and Sound Editor to fine tune music timing with visual footage. After careful review, again using Skype and texting to communicate, the project was revamped a bit and then finalized by uploading to Youtube via tablet.

Individual Reflection:

Here are some reflection points from my side of the team:

What was your role in the team?

I was in charge of sound and music, helping with the footage and being an active member in team needs and talks.

What did you contribute?

I made a selection of some soundbites which could have been good to select from, I also recorded some footage from running, stretching and practicing trombone playing – all featured my older son!

What surprised you about the challenge?

The challenge part was setting and producing all with mobile. There are many ideas which we thought could be done easily via laptop but it was a challenge to figure a way for mobile device.

What are you most proud of?

I am most proud of my team and our team spirit and level of connection and engaging talks we had. Our team leader – Kaycee – who wrote our script and got some good footage, was great, Shekeva did a great job in putting it all together and she added very nice touches and final product is really good. I am so proud of team Lighthouse.

Was it indeed a challenge? Why or why not?

It was a challenge for sure. Even without condition of only working with mobile device, working as a team is a challenge and the key is connection which we nicely had it and everyone was so engaging and in touch. Also the mobile device brought some limitation which we had to find ways to overcome so I think it was a challenge.

WK3 Practice: Shot List

Script Elements

Media Needed

Dream (Script in clouds)There’s a way to get their. It’s the same for all of us. It’s not not easy or quick, but it is always rewarding. (Voice over) cloudsclouds
Your dreams…your goals…one way…practice. OrchestraorchestraAccomplished Dancer


Runner completing Goal



We learn. (voice over) boys/cello & trombonesoroushgirl/dance attire & positions



We grow. (voice over) young man & teacher cello/ trombonecello Player trumbone
We succeed. (Voice over) OrchestraorchestraAccomplished Dancerdancers

Runner completing Goal



Practice…the link from one step…to the next.(Voice over) foot in shoe steppinghttp://youtu.be/5KRwA12eLII
Whatever it is you’re practicing, you’re on the road to success, (Voice over) runner on roadrunner
…we’ll be there with you every step of the way… (Script) Lighthouselighthouse


WK3 Analysis: Businesses & Audiovisual Media

Analysis activity: look at some real-world examples of how Full Sail, Dollar Shave Club and Science World 


Question 01: Describe how Full Sail uses the following video as a recruitment tool. Is there a story here? If so, what is it?

The important thing about Full Sail is the point you get at the end: it is a joint program with close help of Apple and their Products, based on a university campus which is all about team work. Nice tie up in the end from the star, it is not easy to see the message from the beginning but the more you dip in the video, the more clearly it gets.

There is definitely a story there: the goal is set from the beginning, three major people in the whole university organization including president, come in and tell the story of how they are engaging students in all the programs and activities, how engaging the programs are and how they could tie it well with new technology so all students could benefit not just from study and team work but also gathering experience to be ready for their possible new careers.

Question 02: Describe how Dollar Shave Club uses the following video to announce a new product. Is there a story here? If so, what is it?

The story is telling about a product, which is hard to discuss about. I do not see the story clearly but if we say they want to talk about wiping off tissues, then we have a story. I think instead of telling the story, the Dollar Shave Club video examines the way to tell about the wipes. It tries to be clean in language and more take sarcastic approach via indirect metaphors but in the end it all changes with the marsh of military men to a very masculine type of messaging. If I get it correctly, then the story is about getting round the language barrier to talk about something very personal, such as how to clean yourself in the toilet if you face number two. Very special masculine way of approach of course.

Question 03: Describe how Science World uses the following video to invite patrons to the museum. Is there a story here? If so, what is it?

The story it seems the video tries to say is the message of popular engagement from all participants while showing how fun it is to be in such engaging and energetic companion of many science enthusiasts. The cool way they approach it is by all feeling as a part of a very cool song and how they take advantage of touring the whole area with fun and dance and singing way, a very unique approach from Science World and how they try to connect with their audience. The only problem is that it is too long. They could say whatever they wanted to say in one song or about three minutes but seven minutes is too much and even though it is fun, gets boring after four minutes. Their story is very hidden in dancing and singing line, the lyrics are talking and people are acting and we have all area location to tie them all together. 

WK3 Practice: Team Organization

Team Name:  Lighthouse





There’s a way to get there. It’s the same for all of us. It’s not easy or quick, but it is always rewarding

Your dreams…your goals…obtained one way…practice

We learn

We grow

We succeed

Practice…the link from one step…to the next

Whatever it is you’re practicing, you’re on the road to success, and we’ll be there with you every step of the way


Team Roles:

Team Leader – Kaycee

Documentarian – Kambiz

Researcher – Shekeva

Lead Writer – Kaycee

Photographer/Media Producer – Kambiz, Kaycee, Shekeva

Audio Engineer – Kambiz, Kaycee

Video Editor – Shekeva

Strategist – Kambiz, Kaycee, Shekeva


Kaycee, Shekeva, and I have already talked a few times today and we came up strong foundation for what we’ll create as a team. Each of us plan to work together on every part of the project, I will document and follow the deadlines so everything will be on time. Kaycee is our team leader and we are following our brain storm in every step. We suggest and discuss and reach an agreement and move on. I am very happy with our team work and approach. I will take care of some sound bites and footage for Shekeva to put together, Kaycee follows the same and immediately when we have any question, we reach out and talk. Very proud of team lighthouse. 

WK2 Analysis: Businesses & The Visual Web

The main thing about the visual content of Full Sail shares on Pinterest at the first glance is the diversity. Any new follower could see how many different range of content is there: from Comics to caricatures to media signs and typography and also movies and entertainment business. So even if one knows nothing about the Full Sail, they get the idea what they are going to see. It is a good reflection of the activities associated with the university: Media, communication and entertainment. Movie posters and gaming signs related to campus are really cool to browse and review. 

The great thing in Pinterest is the ability for makes good and identifiable categories and Full Sail takes the advantage fully. We see many good categories; some are really cool – like gadgets – or some are really connecting quickly – like Decorate your MacBook. These categories show any viewer that we know our business. The Spotted on Campus section or Student Battle Station are good content related parts to not only show what Full Sail is about, but also get some idea of what to expect.

Engaging in Pinterest varies in different levels. I have not seen many discussions around the pins but in some categories like Fashionably Full Sail you see many re-pin and reposts, which in some ways could be considered as engaging. But still, level of engagement could be more.

Dollar Shave Club on Instagram seems very active and also still catchy and motivating as they usually are on their ads. Many related to shaving and beards and mustache of course but still many nice and engaging ones like your face is not scratchboard are very unique. The most content they have is fully in service of their brand as if there is a signature of them all over their instagram page.

They seem to have a very active team on Instagram, there are many challenging and good talks and conversations on every post. People are commenting and asking questions and throwing suggestions and most of them get answered. That is a very nice way to have a good running social community.

The Science World Facebook page is active, they regularly post some good links – mostly of their own – to the page and it seems it is managing well. All the posts are related or semi related to the brand and what they are trying to target and achieve. Their engagement though seems not really active and it is hard to see any conversation on posts. Not much re-share could be seen as well.